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From David Rees <>
Subject [PATCH] Tests changes
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2001 23:56:08 GMT
The attached changes extend TaskdefsTest with a helper method for
accessing its configured project's directory and update the relevant
tasks to use this helped method. I did this because I needed to in
order to be able to run the test from within VisualAge because I can't
control the working directory (JBuilder has the same problem).
However, the changes also clean up the tests and reduce the chance of
error because they can now refer to files and directories relative to
the same place their ant file does.

In addition, I added a new method
TaskdefsTest.expectSpecificBuildException() which verifies the actual
message of the build exception rather than just that any build
exception occurs. I guess I am a little more anal than others.

I updated Get.xml to use instead of localhost. Either
way it may not run for some people, but I think the chances of someone
having an internet connection are much higher then them having a local
web server.

Oh, and I created For some reason it seemed to be
missing (even though there is a Copy.xml).


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