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From Matthew Kuperus Heun <>
Subject Re: [DISC] multithrading
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 18:07:14 GMT

Example use case:

We have one target that creates libraries that the rest of our code 
builds against.  I have a dual-processor machine, and I would LOVE to 
be able to run subsequent targets (the ones the depend on the 
libraries) in different threads, thereby utilizing both processors in 
the build process.

Perhaps it is complicated, and for that reason you (the ANT 
developers) may decide against implementing multithreaded target 
execution.  From my POV, there are valid use cases.



>Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>>  * Multithreaded execution of tasks within the same target.
>+1 if using some sort of container task; there is a good visual
>affordance to indicate which tasks are running in parallel, when they
>start, and when they finish.
>>  * Multithreaded execution of targets.
>-1.  Again, I'm with Conor on this.  I think it will simply get too
>complicated.  Also, I can't really see a good use case for this.



Matthew Kuperus Heun
Global Aerospace Corporation
+1 (978) 922-7115 (voice & fax)

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