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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Bug with <delete includeEmptyDirs> ?]
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 07:30:39 GMT
Glenn McAllister <> wrote:

> Actually move the discussion over this time... :-)

Congrats 8-)

>> When I'm chosing what directories to delete, I'm using the
>> DirectoryScanner.getIncludedDirs method.  The assumption is that
>> since we are using a fileset, we should only try to delete matching
>> empty directories.  The funny thing is, if the match pattern is
>> "**" (which seems to be a pretty common case), only leaf
>> directories are returned as a match.

Call this a bug.

>> Now, I've had this discussion before with other committers and been
>> told that, in the general case, if the directory does not match the
>> pattern it shouldn't be included.

This is how Arnout initially intended DirectoryScanner to work - if we
agree that this is wrong, we can always change it. I tried to explain
why it is like it is, not to defend it. 8-)

>> Unless I hear otherwise (i.e., get -1'ed) I'm going to see about
>> either changing DirectoryScanner to properly collect ALL
>> directories and return them with getIncludedDirs, or create a new
>> method getAllIncludedDirs to return all of them.

My preference, fix the bug (make getIncludedDirectories return all
directories that match a given pattern) first. If we agree that
getIncludedDirectories feels wrong (I'm somewhere around -0 here), go
ahead and change it.


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