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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Collecting requirements for Ant2
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 07:54:56 GMT
Chris Todd <> wrote:

> 1) Easier install process.


> 2) Make it easier to run ant.  The batch/shell scripts...let's
> either ditch them (if possible), and perhaps make an executable jar
> file, or try to make them absolutely fool-proof.

Covered by

>> * remove as much dependency on native scripts as possible.


> 3) Antidote.

We already have stuff that says something like

>> * support for numerous frontends - from command line over GUI to
>>   servlets

to me Antidote is the obvious choice for a GUI frontend, but I
wouldn't want to couple Ant2 to any frontent to strong - right now it
is tied to the CLI forntend far to close IMHO.

> 4) A central repository for contributions (user-created tasks,
> helper scripts, IDE integration stuff, etc.).

on the list.

> 5) Better docs.

added - although I think that this is not really a requirement 8-).

> 6)  An RPM task would be cool.


> P.S.  I realize this is pretty trivial, but a nice logo/icon would
> be cool.



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