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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: What is a 'declarative' language [ was Re: [VOTE] vote on ge neral direction ...]
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 07:00:54 GMT
Tim Vernum <> wrote:

> In the end though, I don't think anyone really care what 
> "declarative" means.

Well, as long as "purely declarative" is a request, I'd really prefer
to know what I'm voting on 8-)

> I wouldn't expect that too many people actually care whether
> ant meets some special criteria for "declarative languages", what
> they believe is that having a declarative style, rather than a 
> prodedural style, is going to bring benefits to the project.


>  * Dependencies between tasks are relational.


>    [...] but I do think that adding more expressiveness in those
>    relationships could be useful in ant.

Expressiveness in what way? Optional dependencies like Jose Alberto
mentioned (something I've never thought of myself)? Dependencies of
defined order?

>  * Set/list based operations.
>    I think that the "foreach" requests are really about set
>     operations. Perform this operation for all members of 
>     this set.

Probably yes - people are requesting this functionality and not so
much an implementation along the lines of a C-Shell foreach
loop. Sometimes people even use different names for the same thing, I
remember <map> (looks as if it has been borrowed from lisp - not
suspect of being procedural) and others.


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