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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject New rmic factory
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2001 13:22:24 GMT
The stuff I've just committed is basically Takashi Okamoto's
submission with some changes.

What I did:

* made sure Kaffe's output gets into Ant's logging system

* removed the externalCompile method as it's not yet needed - and can
  be pasted from the javac version later on as well 8-)

* removed CLASSPATH methods from Rmic completely - which means I had
  to add a getClasspath method to the Adapter interface.

* Made it the Adapters responsibility to map the filenames for the up
  to date check - this should make it easier to extend it for rmic
  compilers that follow a different naming convention.

* add extdirs attribute and nested elements - and made them do

* swallow Exceptions when trying to verify a class.

* omitted the javaversion == Kaffe stuff - not needed yet, we would
  have to use this in a lot of places and I don't know what would be
  the correct action in most cases.

* Removed a ton of convenience attributes from DefaultRmicAdapter.

What still needs to be done:

* An implementation for Weblogic

* There is a lot - and I mean it - cut/paste reuse between the javac
  and the rmic classes. Especially CLASSPATH creation and handling of
  extdirs - this should be factored into a different place IMHO.


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