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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [RESULT] vote on general direction, details will be discussed later
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2001 08:16:26 GMT
[ACCEPTED] means, the goal/idea is fine, not that a decission on a
particular implementation has been made.

The [ACCEPTED] items

* The ability for GUI/IDE tools to integrate easily with object model

* support for numerous frontends - from command line over GUI to servlets

* Fully interpreted at runtime.

* provide utility classes to aid in building tasks.

* make ant-call a low cost operations

* allow facilities to build projects from multiple sources.

* move to a system that allows docs to be generated - doc snippets
  should be included with the tasks they document.

* allow tasks to be loaded from jars. tasks should be indicated by
  either xml file in TSK-INF/taskdefs.xml or manifest file.

* allow documentation to be stored in .tsk jars

* make separate build files easy (ala AntFarm) and importing different
  projects a breeze

* provide support for user defined task configurations - i.e. give
  users the ability to specify a default value for attributes (always
  use debug="true" in <javac> unless something else has been

* support more control over the properties that are going to be passed
  to subprojects (modules)

* Task to prompt for user input.

* Add cvs login feature.

* Easier installation process. GUI - maybe webstart from the homepage.

* Logo for Ant.

* detach Ant from System.err/.in/.out.

* build files should be declarative in nature

Needs further discussion and a final vote

* better scripting/notification support so the hooks are available to
  send notifications at certain times.

  [will need more discussion because of vote by Peter Donald and
                                                Simeon Fitch]

* separate tasks into .tsk jars somehow. (Probably via function - ie
  java tasks, file tasks, ejb tasks).

  [will need more discussion because of vote by Conor MacNeill]

* Ask for a new CVS module for Ant tasks.

  [will need more discussion because of vote by Conor MacNeill]

* It should be possible to modify details of the actual build (e.g. classpath,
  used compiler) without the need to change the build specification.

  [will need more discussion because of vote by Conor MacNeill]

* better subproject handling

  [will need more discussion because of vote by Conor MacNeill]

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