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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Feature Request: Ant batching support
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 15:45:30 GMT
John D. Casey <> wrote:

> I'm submitting this suggestion to you folks in the hopes that we can
> work something out in the future...

I'm still trying to create some kind of punch lines from your requests

> Currently, every time someone adds a package to the src directory,
> they then have to wait for me to put a target into the master build
> file to include their code in the build.

This is you have one target per package, right? Why?

> Here's my suggestion: I'd like to have the ability to batch the Ant
> task, using a <fileset> tag and the target specified as an attribute
> to <ant>, in order to provide implicit inclusion in the build
> process by just dropping in a generic template build.xml into their
> package directory.

I've already mentioned <execon> where you can specify an executable
and some parameters that would be called for a couple of files that
you can specify via a fileset.

If I'm not totally wrong, you request the same functionality addon for
<ant> that <execon> provides to <exec>.

> Also: I'd like the ability to specify <ant keepenv="true"...>, or
> something like this, in order to preserve the environment of the
> child project into the parent's.  This would be useful in setting a
> common build environment from many build.xml files,

It seems to me as if including (either with entities as in the FAQ or
via a new Ant specific include mechanism) would be the cleaner
solution for your problem. Probably I am missing something.


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