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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Ant 2.0 proposed requirements
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 07:41:06 GMT
Alex Rosen <> wrote:

> (1) Ant should be cancellable.


> (2) Key methods which provide base services should be publicly
> accessible.

Do you think

>> * provide utility classes to aid in building tasks. 

covers this?

> (3) The default output should be clear, informative, and terse.


> [Trying to be as non-controversial as possible here...]

Why? ;-)

> (4) Ant should provide enough support that a scripting language can
> be implemented as a task.

I'm not sure I understand this (I'm *not* trying to argue). Is this
asking for something like

<taskdef name="my-script-task">

Anyway, I remember this has been asked for, so I'll add it anyway.

> These scripts should be able to easily call through to other tasks
> to perform the actual work.

What is <script> missing?

> This should include support for XML-based scripts. I think this
> means, among other things, that a task will need to be able to get
> at its XML (i.e. the portion of the build file that describes it).

added - I think. This will get into problems if the build doesn't even
have an XML build file.

> (5) It would be nice if there were a semi-standard XML-based
> scripting language for use with Ant (but not part of Ant core).

>> * Simple flow control (if-then-else, for)

covered by this?


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