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From "Bert Vermeerbergen" <>
Subject Enhance existing task or add a new one ?
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 21:39:53 GMT
Looking for a task that verifies the existance of a class on the system, I
found the 'available' task doing *almost* what I needed.  The missing feature
was to stop the build if the class was not available.

Using only the existing features of task 'available', this lead to code like:

	<target name="require-mylogger" depends="check-mylogger,need-mylogger,need-log4j" />
	<target name="check-mylogger">
		<available property="mylogger" classname="mylogger.Logger" />
		<available property="log4j" classname="org.log4j.Category" />

	<target name="need-mylogger" unless="mylogger">
		<fail message="Required 'mylogger' not found" />

	<target name="need-log4j" unless="log4j">
		<fail message="Required 'log4j' not found" />

All this just to stop the build if one of the required packages was not available.

What I really want to do is something like

	<require classname="mylogger.Logger" />
	<require classname="org.log4j.Category" />

and get a BuildException when the class is not available on the classpath. I know I
can specify the classpath in the build script, but that does not verify the real
availability of the classes.

I see three options, my question is which one to select:

1) Live with the existing features, but this leads to complex code for a very simple
   requirement when the number of classes needed grows.

2) Develop a task called 'require' that does exactly what I want. Easy, but 99.9% of the
   code exists already in the 'available' task.  This leads to:
		<require classname="mylogger.Logger" />

3) Add a boolean attribute 'required' to the existing 'available' task, false by default 
   to be backward compatible.  Easy, but not my code to change.  This leads to:
		<available property="mylogger" classname="mylogger.Logger" required="true" />

I don't like the first, the second means I would be stealing code from 'available', the
third I like most, keeping the number of almost similar tasks to a minimum, but is this
useful and/or acceptable to others (the original developer, for example) ?

Please advise on the way to go in this and similar cases where a bit more functionality
could make existing code more useful, although the audience for the feature may be limited.

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