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From David Bullock <>
Subject RE: What is a 'declarative' language
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 10:07:33 GMT
On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Tim Vernum wrote:

> I'd like to see list/set based operations. But I like them because
> they're a fairly clean, simple, and powerful way of supporting 
> iteration, not because they're declarative.

Point taken. :-)

The request for 'declarative' comes from people who wish to attempt to parallelise execution
of Ant tasks in a distributed ( multi-machine / multi-OS ) fashion.

I think the contention is that, if the dependency graph cannot be determined by each execution
context at startup ( which is the benefit of a purely declarative language ), then it makes
the task of implementing this more difficult.

Without thinking too much about it yet, there seem to be two basic approaches to 'distributed
ant' possible here:

1a) a 'controller' antd process invokes the task-building services of various other antd's
 ... that is, the controller knows what the dependency graph is, and simply farms out work
at a task-atomic level.

1b) as for 1a, except that chunks of the dependency graph are farmed out at a time (non task-atomic)

2) a set of antd services is given a build-file to build, and a pointer to a shared BuildState
kept in JNDI ( or something like that )

Intuitively, model 2 seems more flexible.  Not sure what the benefits of knowing the dependency
graph at startup would be.
Model 1a doesn't seem to have any special requirements for the dependency graph to be known
at startup.
Model 1b would require the dependency graph to be known at startup, and not to change.

I really think the 'declarative' discussion is up to the people who want to do 'distributed
ant' sometime in the future.  What are the constraints on the buildfile language that would
really be showstoppers if not observed?

( I should add that, in the multi-tool world of Java, it is important to be able to do distributed
builds on different underlying OS's )


Thanks everyone, for Ant!

David Bullock
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