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Subject Ant q? about core Java task: why are members private?
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 20:01:44 GMT
<Apologies in advance if this was an obvious question about Ant 1.3>

I'm starting to implement an optional task to execute basic operations on
other Java objects and my first thought was to simply extend the existing
Java task, since it already has a bunch of functionality I need (classpath
handling, basic forking, etc.).  But all the member variables there are
private, making them inacessible to subclasses; hence I'm out of luck.

A quick review of some other core taskdefs shows that some tasks declare
everything private, some protected, and I can't figure out a particular
difference between which kinds of tasks are which.  Why the difference?
And why not use protected as the default for most classes?  (if you don't
want people subclassing, then just declare yourself final, I'd think).

- Shane

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