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From "Andrew G. Tereschenko" <>
Subject RE: [ANN] Collecting requirements for Ant2
Date Sun, 11 Mar 2001 10:36:56 GMT

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 >From: Chris Todd []
 >Sent: 10 марта 2001 г. 3:06
 >Subject: RE: [ANN] Collecting requirements for Ant2

 >4)  A central repository for contributions (user-created tasks, helper
 >scripts, IDE integration stuff, etc.).  I realize this has been discussed
 >before, but I wanted to make sure it gets attention.  There have been many
 >tasks and other contributions that have been sent to ant-dev, and the only
 >place they are available is via the mailing list archive.  What
 >are the odds
 >that an Ant newbie who uses Emacs/JDE is actually going to find the
 >jde-ant.el post from a couple of months back?  Slim, I wager.  Instead,
 >there should be one central place that everyone can go and find
 >all sorts of
 >Ant goodies and extras, regardless of who submitted them or
 >whether the Ant
 >developers approve of them (ala the 'ant as a scripting language' debate
 >some time back).  This probably can/should be tied in with the plugin idea
 >above (and/or CJAN).

a) How about plugable tasks for Ant ???
<plugable url="" param1="value1">
   <fileset dir="${docsrc}/tut" includes="**.html"/>

b) How about properties override ??? In makefiles set always change value of
I would like to have something :
 <property name="dest" value="xxxx" override="true"/>
 <property name="version" value="2.2.36" override="false"/>

P.S> Probably this was already discussed - but i'd like to have all this ...

Andrew G. Tereschenko
Software Engineer
Integrated Banking Information Systems

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