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From (Christoph Wilhelms)
Subject Question on requested-features for Ant2
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 17:51:28 GMT

I was browsing the "requested-featires.txt" a bit and after a discussion
with Simeon (Topic:Antidote I want to help) I have a Question:

Can anybody tell me if the following to points imply to decouple the
Ant-model from the persistence of the projectdefinition (XML)? This is not
really important if Ant only READS the definition but e.g. Antidote
contructs projects ant wants to WRITE them ;-)! It would be nice if someone
could tell me :-)!

* clean object model (ie Project/Target/Task)
* The ability for GUI/IDE tools to integrate easily with object model
  without reinventing the wheel and writing their own parser (which
  antidote was forced to do).

  Two suggested solutions were allowing GUI developers to extend
  object model (ie GUITask extends Task) or to have Task as interface
  (ie GUITask implements Task). This way the GUI tasks could be W3C
  DOM Elements, have property vetoers/listeners etc.

BTW:The model could be implemented e.g. as a Composite (for the hirachical
structure). Had do you think?


P.S.: Sorry if I got too detailed for this part of the Ant2 discussion :-)

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