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From (Christoph Wilhelms)
Subject RE: [PATCH] doc - add default excludes to VAJExport doc
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2001 11:50:32 GMT
Hi David!

First: Thanx for using my favorite IDE (VAJava) ;-) and thanx for
using Ant within it ;-)!

To your patch: IMHO by default you should INCLUDE the projects and
packages you want to load/import/export, not EXCLUDE the ones you don't
want. EXCLUDE was thought to be used for unwanted packages/files like:

<vajexport destdir="${src.dir}">
  <include name="MyProject1/**"/>
  <include name="MyProject2/**"/>
  <exclude name="**/test/**"/>
  <exclude name="**/*BeanInfo"/>

By using it this way I export my 2 projects and exclude the packages with
my tescases and the generated BeanInfo classes!

You it like this and it will work! Probably the problem you have is
part of the FAQ in the document:
Q: Why does it export my entire workspace when I've already implicitly
selected a project when starting the Tool?
A: This selection does not carry into the buildfile you are using. Set the
Project name at the beginning of the "includes" parameter.

BTW: feel free to replace CR with CRLF ;-)


> Adds default excludes to VAJExport doc (so you don't have to look at
> the code to find out ;).
> Also, the file has about twenty lines that end only in CR, while the
> rest end in CRLF. Not sure if that matters or not, but cvs noticed it
> (when I diffed).

> +<pre>
> +	IBM*/**
> +	Java class libraries/**
> +	Sun class libraries*/**
> +	JSP Page Compile Generated Code/**
> +	VisualAge*/**
> +</pre>
>  <hr>
>  <h2><a name="vajimport"></a>VAJImport</h2>

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