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From (Christoph Wilhelms)
Subject RE: [PATCH] RE: toolbar toggle actions
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2001 19:18:19 GMT
Hi Nick!

> Hi,
> To get my feet wet, I am submitting a patch/feature to
> Antidote.
> It is inspired by the following item in the TODO file:
> > Add support to ActionManager to handle toggle
> actions
> > in tool bar. Also need a better way of detecting the
> > selected state of the action button.
> I'm using it to get my feet wet. I'm new to
> contributing to open source, cvs, etc. so if I didn't
> do this right, please let me know gently ;-]

Ok, now let me try to be gentle ;-). For I know Simeon is very busy ATM I
took a look at what you have submitted. Let me start with something
positive: The basefunctionality you implemented for "toggle-Buttons" looks
ok for me - withou taking a closer look at the code - perhaps Simeon can
tell what HE things ;-). Now my gentle annotation: The funktionality you
implemented to show/hide the log was already there, provided by the
onetouchexpandebility of the JSplitPane :-(. IMHO there is no need for
another option to do this - but THANX for contributing! Antidote is terribly
in the need of more contributers - and there still is a lot of work todo
(like the fileset-feature I proposed yesterday).


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