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From (Christoph Wilhelms)
Subject RE: Antidote I want to help
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 17:31:58 GMT
Hi Sim and Nick (and all other who are interested)!

> I'm not saying that what you have submiited precludes this, but I want to
> raise the issue of whether we are just developing an XML editor, or
> something that is persistence neutral.

So at this point we are discussion what Antidote - or even Ant wants to
be... You talk of persistence neutrality: +1 from my point of view, but IMHO
Ant relys very much on XML ATM. If we had a real PERSISTENCE NEUTRAL model
for Ant - I have something hirachical in mind (implementation of the
Composite-Pattern) with a real decoupled persistence-layer under it i'd
completely agree.

ATM I dont see, that we really taint ourselfs using a DTD. If I see it clear
whole bunches of Antidote must be reimplemented for Ant2.

> > I hope you like it.
> I'll commit it, but please resubmit in the patch format specified by the
> Jakarta guidelines.


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