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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Nested Tasks
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 02:09:10 GMT

> From: Thomas Christen []
> Tanks for all your comments about parallelism and whether to allow nested
> tasks or not. I feel that most of you are against my proposed concepts. OK

I am pretty much in support of your approach, at least at the build file
level. I'm still thinking about the desirability of nested tasks. Actually I
was going to try and get some multithreading based on async attributes into
1.3 but I held off because of your patch. That may be a little ironic.

> Having done the same with added properties like async="true" and all the
> "MUST NOT async", "MUST async" and "MAY async" stuff the logic would be
> hidden and it would be very difficult to see the red line through
> the build
> dependencies.

Agreed. I think the threading structure should be mirrored in the build file

> The mentioned complexity for task writers - I cant see this
> point. The only
> thing a task writer has to do is inherit Task. The problem of concurrent
> output - witch has to be solved in any concepts - is done by the Container
> (e.g. parallel).
> Please forgive me for this additional comment on this dead topic
> and let me
> say thank you to all the good stuff in ant provided by many people.

Don't consider it a dead topic. Please submit your ideas to the Ant2 process
(I will anyway, if you don't :-) )


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