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From "Sean Ogle" <>
Subject Patch for using jikes with Win2K and jdk1.3
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2001 14:01:50 GMT

I finally found the problem I was having over on ant-user regarding running
jikes on Win2K using jdk1.3.0_02. Apparently the Runtime.exec() doesn't work
so well for my purposes because every time the jikes command went out from
ant, exec() would return an IOException with 'error 2'. I still don't know
what error 2 is. I modified the file so that in the case of
WinNT and 2000 it will not automatically use the Java13CommandLauncher but
instead use the WinNTCommandLauncher which I modified. The new
WinNTCommandLauncher always uses 'cmd /c' to launch a program regardless of
the environment and working directory (before it would not in some cases).

I am surprised that I have had any problems at all with this configuration
so maybe I am still doing something wrong. But in any case I do have a patch
which works for me. I don't know how it would affect other platforms since I
can't test it on anything besides Win2K and Linux.

So attached is the patch file.

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