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Subject RE: Ant 1.3: Weblogic 5.1 JSP Compilation: Reg:
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 14:09:33 GMT
If anyone has a task for using the jspc for weblogic, I would be *very* 
interested.  Even if you only have information about it, I'd still love 
to hear from you...
John Casey

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From: vchandrakandan []
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2001 1:55 AM
To: Avik.Sengupta
Cc: vchandrakandan; gilbode; ant-dev; ant-user
Subject: Ant 1.3: Weblogic 5.1 JSP Compilation: Reg:

Hi Avik/Michael, 

Thanks alot for posting some information on Weblogic JSP Compilation. I 
tried it and it works for files in only 1 sub-directory. That is, the 
target takes the very first subdirectory and checks to see if there are 
.jsp files, if so compiles them. How do I compile an entire UI folder 
with hundred's of JSP's organized & spanning across various 
sub-directories and sub-directories within them.

If you know how I could write the target, it will greatly help. BTW, 
this is the target I wrote to compile my JSP's. 

<target name="jspcompile" > 
   <wljspc src="$ui.dir" 
     <classpath refid="project.class.path"/> 

The above target works only for the very first directory where the Ant 
is able to find .jsp files. All the other sub-folder it ignores it. Is 
there a way to SPECIFY the UI folder, so that it recursively compiles 
all the JSP's in the folder completely.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. 


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