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Subject RE: Re: batching of ant task
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 14:15:12 GMT
Both of those seem like hacks.  On the one hand, you're married to some 
external technology which may or may not have an analogy on the next 
platform you build on, and you may have to port your batch file to this 
new platform even in the best of cases.  On the other hand, you're 
using a catch-all that's meant for running something exceptional or 
unusual.  This, I believe, is neither.


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Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 7:28 PM
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Subject: Re: batching of ant task

Yeah, but I thought it was different enough to sneak in ;). Actually,
I have some extended thoughts on this that I will post on dev.

Casey, looks like you will have to jump through a few hoops. The
easiest way is (obviously) so do it from a batch file.

The cleaner way would be to use the scripting task. That lets you do
anything you want.


On 07 Mar 2001 10:56:45 +0100, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

>David Rees <> wrote:
>> How about a batch property task instead? Better syntax is certainly
>> possible,
>you mean <foreach>? ;-)
>Right now I'd say, this would be too complex - but feel free to lobby
>for a feature like this on ant-dev - especially since we'll start
>collecting feature requests and set the direction for Ant2.

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