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Subject RE: Re: Feature Request: Ant batching support
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2001 15:42:26 GMT
Included is my current build file, although I must warn you, it's a 

The new stuff (stuff I'm suggesting here) should be apparent as it's 
not normal.  The thing I'm most interested in is having the ability to 
tell all packages in my project to build themselves, which could 
include doing things other than simply saying <javac...> to accomplish 
this. I'm curious to know how this may be done using a pre-ant tool, 
and why we should not try to implement something like this _into_ ant, 
since it is a build tool.  The goal here is to provide maximum 
flexibility while maintaining maximum simplicity.  I don't want to have 
to train people on five different tools in order for them to become 
capable of building this project.

Thanks in advance,
John Casey

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Subject: Re: Feature Request: Ant batching support

At 08:20  7/3/01 -0600, wrote:
>I'm looking to support a directory structure in my build process that 
>is fairly dynamic. In addition, most of the other developers on this 
>project don't know Ant, and really have no need to, other than to put 
>their source into the build.  Currently, every time someone adds a 
>package to the src directory, they then have to wait for me to put a 
>target into the master build file to include their code in the build.

Could I see your build file because that should not be the case - do you
have some odd packaging requirements?

>Here's my suggestion:  I'd like to have the ability to batch the Ant 
>task, using a <fileset> tag and the target specified as an attribute 
><ant>, in order to provide implicit inclusion in the build process by 
>just dropping in a generic template build.xml into their package 
>directory.  Special cases could then be dealt with on a case-by-case 
>basis, wherein things like special targets could be included by me.

Such requests have been made before and almost universally it has been
suggested that some sort of pre-ant transformation stage
(XSLT/Velocity/CSS/Other) is the way to do this. However if you want to 
it this way in meantime then thats fine with me ;)

>Also:  I'd like the ability to specify <ant keepenv="true"...>, or 


We have discussed the notion of scope before and I much prefer something
like adding a scope="parent" attribute to properties to force them "up".
This is something that I am 90% sure will be implemented in Ant2 in some
form or another. Would this be sufficient for you ?

>something like this, in order to preserve the environment of the child 
>project into the parent's.  This would be useful in setting a common 
>build environment from many build.xml files, which would, in turn, 
>to elegantly support surgical operations like compiling only a certain 
>package, or junit testing it...

another way is to include a xml fragment via standard DTD method (see 
for details).



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