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From "Thomas Leonhardt" <>
Subject AW: [ANN] Collecting requirements for Ant2
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2001 09:58:31 GMT
Hi Stefan,
> > I tried to build a workaround by setting a property but the problem
> > is that I can't override properties and properties defined inside
> > a target seem to be local, I can't use them in other targets.
> Could you please explain this a little? Properties are global, but
> those set in sub builds - the things you run via <ant> or <antcall>
> will not be transferred back to the parent build.

The problem is that I want to find out if the stuff I checked out does
compile. If it compiles everything is fine, if not I want to be able to
inform the user.

(for xml source please see end of mail)

Now I got the target build-clean. This creates directories to which the
sources are checked out and into which the classes will be compiled.

This target is called indirectly by the target cvs-check, which calls
cvs-check-sub which in turn depends on build-clean. (I was desperate ;O))
Why this?? The idea was, if build-clean fails cvs-check-sub wouldn't
be executed. This would mean that the property cvs-check.succeeded wouldn't
be set. Now we are back in the target cvs-check.
This now calls cvs-check-succeeded and cvs-check-failed, which both have
conditions connected to the property cvs-check.succeeded.

If my approach would have worked I now would have been able to give the user
the response I wanted.

There are two problems with this idea. First if the property gets set
in cvs-check-sub it isn't visible in the other targets. So it's definied
local. ==> Idea doesn't work

Another problem is that if I set failonerror to no in the javac task I
will have my property set to true. But if I don't do it it won't work eather
because ANT exits.

On more thing to failonerror. I ask for a feature like this but what I ment
something different.

Say I want to compile 10 files. 9 of these are correct and one contains a
error, this one is totaly unrelated to the others. Now if I run ANT and it
the buggy file it will stop compiling. It would be nice if I where able to
tell it to
go on and try the rest.

Why?? I'm the guy how has to do the reviews. So I check out everything
and try to compile it. If something doesn't work I say "who cares" and start
reviewing the stuff that does work. (The stuff I check out consist of
several more
or less unrelated apps)

Cheers Thomas

         Check if contents of CVS repository compiles

  <target name="cvs-check" if="cvs.user">

    <antcall target="cvs-check-sub" />

    <antcall target="cvs-check-succeeded" />
    <antcall target="cvs-check-failed" />
  </target >

  <target name="cvs-check-sub" depends="build-clean" if="cvs.user">
    <property name="cvs-check.succeeded" value="true" />
    <echo message="${cvs-check.succeeded}" />
  </target >

  <target name="build-clean" if="cvs.user">

    <!-- Dateien vom letzten Check wegwerfen -->
    <delete dir="${cvs-check.src.dir}" />
    <delete dir="${}" />

    <!-- Verzeichnisse erzeugen, die fuer den Check benoetigt werden. -->
    <mkdir dir="${cvs-check.src.dir}" />
    <mkdir dir="${}" />

     <cvs command="-d :pserver:${cvs.user}@${cvs.server}:${cvs.repository}
checkout -P -d '${cvs-check.src.dir}' src" />

    <javac srcdir="${cvs-check.src.dir}"
    </javac >
  </target >

  <target name="cvs-check-succeeded" if="cvs-check.succeeded">
    <echo message="Sources in cvs repository compiled without errors." />
  </target >

  <target name="cvs-check-failed" unless="cvs-check.succeeded">
    <echo message="Sources in cvs repository contain errors." />
  </target >

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