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Subject Re: [ANN] Collecting requirements for Ant2
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 00:01:02 GMT
Alex Smith wrote:
>All I have to say is that where SELECT has been implemented it often does
>have ordering semantics too. All databases provide for default ordering
>where you don't have to specify how to order your result set just as you
>don't have to say that you want your files from a directory be selected in
>alphabetical order with foreach. Show me an implementation (database or
>shell) that doesn't have this and I'll admit I was wrong.

If you are saying that you expect results ordered in a way that is not
implementation dependent even if no ORDER BY clause is specified, then, for one,
MS SQL Server 7 makes no guarantees as to the order in which results are
returned.  From the compatibility issues sections of MS SQL Server books online:

Pre-SQL Server 7.0
A SELECT statement without an ORDER BY clause returned the rows in an apparent
ordered set.

SQL Server 7.0
An explicit ORDER BY clause for a SELECT statement is required to ensure any
useful ordering of data.

RecommendationsExpect different results as compared to earlier versions of SQL
Server. Add an explicit ORDER BY clause to all SELECT statements needing to
produce ordered rows.


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