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From Takashi Okamoto <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] for Kaffe
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 04:36:13 GMT
At Thu, 8 Mar 2001 14:27:37 +1100,
Conor MacNeill <> wrote:
> > From: Takashi Okamoto []
> >
> > Please refer following patch and fix it (but I didn't test it).
> >
> Why didn't you test it?

Of courcs, I should test it.
However I don't use rmi ( but I think it's problem ) and I don't have
sample. If anyone give me sample for rmic, I would test it. 

> Perhaps rather than just trying every rmic that you can currently think of,
> you should look at the approach of javac where compilers can be plugged in.
> That way, someone could add the weblogic rmic in the future. I suggest that
> rather than using a magic property such as ${build.compiler}, you might make
> it an attribute of the <rmic> task.

I think so too. It's perfect solution:) But it takes more time for me,
and I didn't so. Maybe that is your (Ant developers) task. I don't
know so much about Ant.

BTW, Kaffe's guy fixed ZipOutputStream problem soon.
Takashi Okamoto

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