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From "Jay Glanville" <>
Subject Suggestion for Ant2 requirement: more flexible logging
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2001 00:46:59 GMT
As you are collecting requests/suggestions for feature (large and small) for
Ant2, I have found a quirk with Ant1.x that I would like to see some mention
of in the discussions for Ant2.

Tagline: greater flexibility for out-of-the-box logging

Problem Scenario: Let me give you a walkthrough of my problem.  

I want an automated process to daily build my product, log the results and
then mail the log to an e-mail, regardless of build success or failure.  I
see this as being a rather powerful feature of ant.  How do I do that
currently?  I can't, if I'm using Ant out-of-the-box.  (My definition of
out-of-the-box is to simply use the tasks provided by the core, provide the
environment, and write a build.xml -- no coding.)

What type of work do I have to do?  One current solution with 1.x is to make
my own BuildListener, one that logs all messages to a file and when the
project is finished (i.e.: a buildFinished event), the listener then calls
the <mail> task and mails the result.  Why do I not like this solution?
Because the properties of the listener (the name of the logfile, the e-mail
address, etc) are stored outside of the build.xml file.  Also because I now
have to maintain a code base.

Can I solve my problem without the usage of a build listener?  I'm not 100%
sure.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd gladly experiment with them! ;-)

Solutions: Currently, I don't have any.  I just wanted to have this subject
put on the list for discussion.

Jay Dickon Glanville
P068 - SiteManager Development, Nortel Networks
613-765-1144 (ESN 395-1144)
MS: 045/55/A05

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