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From Tim Vernum <>
Subject RE: What is a 'declarative' language
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2001 07:14:31 GMT
> Making the build language suitable for parallelizing task 
> execution is a significant design goal, IMHO.  
> Easy-to-understand and low-maintenance are also significant 
> goals for the build language.  Of these, low-maintenance is 
> probably the more important one, assuming that build-file 
> editors like Antidote become more available.

That introduces the requirement that the buildfile be easy
to parse/manipulate programmatically.

Imperative languages are often hard to model graphically,
while declarative languages tend to be better.

That's not hard and fast, but for something like Antidote
to work, the buildfile needs to be in a form for which it
is possible to provide a usable GUI.

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