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From Les Hughes <>
Subject RE: Perforce Submitted into Ant
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 08:56:47 GMT
Hi Bob,

Adding a description to P4Change is trivial. Just add a new String field for
desc, a setDesc(String) method to the code and use something like <p4change

Then just change the util.substitute string to reflect your desc field. The
current Autosubmit By Ant desc is hardcoded (I know, I know.....Shouldn't
have done that)

Easy eh?

The code's no longer mine, it's part of the greater good so feel free to
change it. What you need to do is to grab the latest copy from CVS, make
your changes and then using diff (which CVS can do for you) generate a patch
file. Email this to the ant-dev list with a subject along the lines of
[PATCH] P4Change with a short explaination of what you've done. It's also a
good idea to update the docs and post a patch for them as well. One of the
committers (which I'm not) will apply your patch, test it (hopefully!) and
then submit it. 

Don't worry, Stefan and the other guys are very helpful - I made a load of
dumb new developer mistakes (and still do :-) that Stefan took the time, off
list, to help me through (like doing the diffs the wrong way round - doh!)

So come on in and join the party!



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Cheek, Bob []
> Sent: 07 March 2001 21:03
> To:
> Subject: Perforce Submitted into Ant
> Hi Les,
> First off thank you for your PERFORCE contribution to Ant 1.3.  I was
> finding that I would have to make the same modifications so 
> you saved me a
> lot of work.
> Regarding the P4Change command, I have the need to set the 
> description for a
> changelist.  This description may be a multi-line as well.   
> I could not see
> anywhere to set the description for your P4Change command.   It always
> states AutoSubmit By Ant.  Do you have any plans on adding 
> this capability
> in the near future?
> If not, how would I go about modifying your command and 
> getting it submitted
> to the Jakarata Project?  Should I send the changes directly 
> to you?  Should
> I create my own new command?
> Thank you for your time,
> Bob Cheek
> 781.482.2354 Voice
> 781.482.2399 Fax
> <> 

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