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From Kirk Wylie <>
Subject Re: [Bug 1146] New - javax packages for JAXP cannotbeoverridden
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 03:03:17 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> In ant2 we hope to solve this via .tsk loading. One of proposals (myrmidon)
> already solved it - the base classpath had only 1 class in it (outside core
> and ext dirs) and all the rest were constructed out of this.

That's how some major commercial j2ee web servers work as well. There are
only two things in teh system classpath: a class (one) which calls a
classloader (two) and uses reflection within what it gets from the
classloader to load up the REAL classes it needs. It's one of the options I
indicated as a solution for this problem.

Sorry, I haven't been here long enough to read all the proposals in full
yet. I'll try to look through them RSN.

> Brace yourself - it is going to get worse. JDK1.4 is going to include
> everything in it - including the kitchen sink ... in which case you will
> have ZERO choice in what to use ;(

But have no fears. As soon as they do that, and move those targets into
java.*, they'll invent new APIs and SPIs and put those into javax.*. The
problem is not solved by the current state of affairs in terms of sun
naming (well, partially it is), the problem is solved by the "special"
nature of javax.* (where some of it is provided by the JVM, and some of it
is not).

Kirk Wylie

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