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From Kirk Wylie <>
Subject Re: [Bug 1146] New - javax packages for JAXP cannot be overridden
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 01:21:18 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:
> I am getting worn thin by jaxp related grief, of which ant is usually a
> minor issue compared to the requirements of getting code to consistently
> deploy to the various web servers out there. I've reached the point today
> where my server side installation process (ant, of course) is dropping in
> forcibly unsealed versions of crimson and jaxp into the server homes. This
> bug report and Jim Stearns' classpath problems are all symptoms of the same
> issue.

What about the situation where ant requires a version of JAXP different
than what the user needs to use? In the case where something changes a
major version (JAXP 2.0 versus JAXP 1.1), you might have to run a program
which requires JAXP 2.0, in an ant which was only developed for JAXP 1.1
(and thus won't run on JAXP 2.0).

Which means that your solution actually breaks things even more. Now
there's an external dependency on JAXP which must be provided separately,
by a user who doesn't know it.

If you're going to release the program with a caveat of "you must have this
version of this jar installed"  then why not just distribute it?

I think that this is exactly what I origianlly described it as, which is a
problem with how AntClassLoader treats javax packages, assuming something
at the time (that sun wouldn't screw TOO much with javax.*) which isn't
actually the case.

Kirk Wylie

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