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From Kirk Wylie <>
Subject Re: [Bug 1146] New - javax packages for JAXP cannot beoverridden
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 01:17:23 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> At 03:41  29/3/01 -0800, Steve Loughran wrote:
> >I am getting worn thin by jaxp related grief, of which ant is usually a
> >minor issue compared to the requirements of getting code to consistently
> >deploy to the various web servers out there. I've reached the point today
> >where my server side installation process (ant, of course) is dropping in
> >forcibly unsealed versions of crimson and jaxp into the server homes. This
> >bug report and Jim Stearns' classpath problems are all symptoms of the same
> >issue.
> A good reason to not ship them in distribution you think ? (Or perhaps ship
> them in distribution but make uusers manually copy crimson.jar/jaxp.jar
> into lib directory).

My intuition here is that this wouldn't solve the generalized problem.
While I agree that this particular grief is caused by JAXP itself, it
definitely is not JAXP alone.

Imagine that I'm dealing with javamail (javax.mail.*) or any other new
distribution of stuff in the javax.* hierarchy (javax.ejb is another
example) (sun's tending to do this more than com.sun.* these days). If I
put it into my CLASSPATH because an ant task relies on it (such as a
<javamail> task), then I can't override it for another task which uses a
different version.

The current status quo forces you to have exactly one version of anything
in javax in the system ENTIRE JVM if it's available via the system
classloader. Thus while JAXP itself can be seen as a symptom here, it's
definitely not the only one (such as javamail, javax.naming (new version
versus old version), j2ee).

Kirk Wylie

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