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From Glenn McAllister <>
Subject Re: [DISC] Datatypes
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2001 15:04:51 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

>  * Allow mappers to be genericised so that particular features can be modified
>  during mapping. Something similar to
>  <fileset ...>
>    <include name="*.sh"/>
>    <mapper type="unix-permissions">
>      <param name="user" value="ant"/>
>      <param name="group" value="ant"/>
>      <param name="mod" value="755"/>
>    </mapper>
>  </fileset>

What exactly do we mean by "genericised?"  Generic in the sense of "all tasks can use
mappers," or "mappers can do anything?"

>  * Allow include/exclude tow work with multiple characteristerics of a file.
>  ie include into fileset if file is readable, modified after 29th of Feb,
>  has a name that matches patter "**/*.java" and the property "foo.present"
>  is set. Something similar to
>  <include>
>    <item-filter type="name" value="**/*.java"/>
>    <item-filter type="permission" value="r"/>
>    <!-- could optionally be directory/or some other system specific features -->
>    <item-filter type="type" value="file"/>
>    <item-filter type="modify-time"
>                 operation="greater-than"
>                 value="29th Feb 2003"/>
>  </include>

+1 if its optional; I think Conor has the right idea with this.

> * provide datatypes through property tag and remove need for separate free
>   standing entities. ie
>   <property name="foo">
>     <fileset dir="blah">
>      <include name="*/**.java" />
>     </fileset>
>   </property>

-1.  If we unify the datatype namespaces so that ${foo} means .toString() of the object
indicated by "foo", what do we need this for?

> * provide support for non-hardwired (ie loadable) low-level
>  components (mappers/itemset-filters/converters). Allow them to be
>  loaded in either global or a new classloader.

+0.  I like the idea, but I'd want to see a proposal for the implementation.

> * provide support for non-hardwired (ie loadable) converters.
>   Q: What is a converter? Is this an implementation detail?
>   A: Not an implementation detail but a way to extend the engine
>   to convert more data types. Currently we have fixed set that is
>   expanded on occasion (ie includes primitive types + File). Instead
>   of spreading converting code through out tasks it can be centralized
>   into one component and used by engine. This becomes particularly
>   relevent if you build ant based testing systems and use ant in certain
>   web-related areas.

This point is actually covered by the previous one.

> * Make all datatypes interfaces to allow them to be customized in many
>   ways.


> * Set arithmetic for fileset/patternset/*set


> * inheritance of ant properties/datatypes/context etc in project hierarchy

+1 if we come up with an agreement on how scoping works.

> * inheritance of between ant datatypes. ie fileset A inherits from fileset B (includes
>   all entries in A).

-1.  I think this would unecessarily complicate datatypes.

> * Homogenize notion of PATHs and filesets.

I though PATHs are an ordered listing of directories while filesets are unordered
collections of file names.  What's to homogenize?  They are two distinct concepts as far
as I'm concerned.


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