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From Josh Lucas <>
Subject [NEW TASK] RPM task
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2001 18:54:04 GMT
I have attached a first cut at a RPM task. It is very simple now but I
am able to use it in my rpm building process.  

I sent this to the list about a week ago but it was under a different
subject and I think it got overlooked.

The supported attributes:

specFile = obviously the name of the spec file to be used

topDir = this is the directory which will have the expected
subdirectories, SPECS, SOURCES, BUILD, SRPMS.  If this isn't specified,
the baseDir value is used

cleanBuildDir = this will remove the generated files in the BUILD

removeSpec = this will remove the spec file from SPECS

removeSource = this will remove the sources from SOURCES

command = very similar idea to the cvs task.  the default is "-bb"

output/error = where standard output and error go

I realize that this might not be useful for everyone so I would
understand if a rpm task wouldn't make it into the 'official' taskdef
list but I wanted to send this anyway...  

I will also send along patches

Let me know if you have any questions.

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