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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: New rmic factory => Ant 1.2 requirements.
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2001 13:41:22 GMT

Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> * There is a lot - and I mean it - cut/paste reuse between the javac
>   and the rmic classes. Especially CLASSPATH creation and handling of
>   extdirs - this should be factored into a different place IMHO.
> Stefan
Actually, this cuts to one of the Ant 1.2 requirements I want to propose 
- and maybe
it's already covered. The requirement is that Ant provide a good API and 
documentation on it's use so that tasks don't have so much cut and 
pasted code scattered
across the tasks. I have NOT looked at the 1.3 source much, and the 1.2 
only some,
but every time I try to figure things out by looking at several 
diffeerent tasks, I seem
to see similar or identical code doing the same stuff in multiple 
places. This makes it hard
to re-use, and it must make maintenance a nightmare. Especially 
important are the things
that are needed by many tasks - dealing with CLASSPATHS, dealing with 
filesets, patternsets,

Another requirement, which I believe has been covered, but I'll mention 
for insurance sake, is
the ability to add new tasks to ant by some type of 'drop in' or 'plug 
in' mechanism that is simple
and clean. Having to edit and re-build the jars just 
to get a new task to appear
built in is not ideal...

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