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From "Michael McCallum" <>
Subject [Patch] Re: Filter task feels wrong --> use FilterSets
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 13:15:26 GMT
I thought they felt wrong too so I have implemented FilterSets.

Moved all the code from around to a new FilterSet type.
(out or project/filter task etc)

Is backwards compatible with the filter task but has deprecation warnings.

Can also use the filtersets to process the logs coming out of compilers. :)
(when copying sources and then compiling one needs to have the error messages appearing in

the right place.)
eg copy srcs from source tree to build/src
compile but error message are relative to build/src not source/home so...

  <filter token="build/src" value="source/home"/>

now error messages are relative to source/home after filtering :)

On 9 Mar 2001, at 8:57, Barrie Treloar wrote:

> On 8 Mar 2001, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> > >From the Ant2 wish list:
> > 
> > | * make usage of particular filters/filtersets explicit in copy tasks

use them like this...

<copy blah>
   <filter token="blah" value="foo"/>

Also can use attribute filtersfile in filterset but not nested element yet.

Am a little tired now so will do the documentation tomorrow.


p.s. This also includes the conditional patch I supplied earlier for the Exit task.

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