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From Jesse Glick <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/src/main/org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 16:43:02 GMT
What about this: when given a nonabsolute path to 'style', have it first try
to resolve against project basedir, and it finds it then OK. If not, try
against task basedir, and if found then print a deprecation warning and use
that; else error. This would permit the task to have sane semantics and still
not break 
old scripts.

The only incompatibility would then be if you had a style file of the same
name in two different directories happening to match the project and task
basedirs, in which case it would use the "wrong" one. But I think this is
pretty obscure.


Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> Sam Ruby <> wrote:
> > "basedir" no longer seems to be used in resolving "style".
> Yes, this is true.
> I've brought it into line with all other tasks, because I didn't know
> the original intent was to make the attribute relative to the tasks
> basedir attribute. Jesse Glick has already pointed out that this
> change was not backwards compatible.
> As this now causes problems (I didn't expect anybody to rely on this -
> at least for me - undocumented behavior), the only option I see is to
> revert my patch - at least partially, the task should at least try to
> check whether the style attribute contains an absolute path.

Jesse Glick   <>
NetBeans, Open APIs  <>
tel (+4202) 3300-9161 Sun Micro x49161 Praha CR

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