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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: Error in Delete Task
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2001 19:30:51 GMT
I don't know the specifics of your situation,
but if a file is in use by the OS, then
you get a SHARING VIOLATION, which causes
ant to fail at that point. I've accidentally
left NT Explorer sitting on a subdir of a
dir 'ant' was trying to delete, and it couldn't.
Or, I had "cd'd" into a subdir of a dir
ant was to delete, and it couldn't

So, make usre this jar file is not in use by
a running application....

> Glen Goodwin wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm using 1.2 and just noticed that I get an error in deleting a swingall.jar file. 
Here's the output text.
>           [delete] Deleting directory X:\BABY-DEBUG-BUILD451\wfclient\Install\source
>        X:\BABY-DEBUG-BUILD451\wfclient\wfclient-installer.xml:51: Unable to delete
>        file X:\BABY-DEBUG-BUILD451\wfclient\Install\source\swingall.jar
> My question is whether or not this has been reported and corrected in 1.3?  My project
is due today so I don't want to waste unnecessary cycles upgrading to 1.3 if I can avoid it.
> Glen
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> Glen R. Goodwin, Senior Product Engineer
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