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From MOUSSAUD BenoƮt <>
Subject EjbJar task for Borland Application Server 4.5
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2001 13:50:01 GMT
This is two files for using borland deployment tool with ejbjar
in the package ..optional.ejb

* EjbJar.jar :modified to take into account the Borland App Server
* : the implementation for B.A.S
BorlandDeploymentTool is dedicated to the Borland Application Server 4.5
This task generates and compiles the stubs and skeletons for all ejb
described into the Deployement Descriptor, builds the jar file including the
support files and verify whether the produced jar is valid or not. The
supported options are: 
debug (boolean) : turn on the debug mode for generation of stubs and
skeletons (default:false) 
verify (boolean) : turn on the verification at the end of the jar production
verifyargs (String) : add optional argument to verify command (see vbj
ejbdtd (String) : location of the SUN DTD 
basdtd (String) : location of the BAS DTD 

      <ejbjar srcdir="${build.classes}"  basejarname="vsmp"
        <borland destdir="tstlib">
          <classpath refid="classpath" />
        <include name="**\ejb-jar.xml"/>
        <support dir="${build.classes}">
          <include name="demo\smp\*.class"/>
          <include name="demo\helper\*.class"/>
 <<>>  <<>>  
Tested with JDK 1.3,windows 200, ant 1.3
These files are donated  to the ANT projects and follow Apache Software

Any remarks are welcomed
Benoit Moussaud

Benoit Moussaud -
CTS - Cril Telecom Software
8 rue danjou
92517 Boulogne Billancourt - France
Tel: 01 58 17 04 78

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