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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [Bug 1146] New - javax packages for JAXP cannot beoverridden
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 02:15:00 GMT
At 05:17  29/3/01 -0800, Kirk Wylie wrote:
>My intuition here is that this wouldn't solve the generalized problem.
>While I agree that this particular grief is caused by JAXP itself, it
>definitely is not JAXP alone.

I know - but hopefully cjan will help us solve it more elegantly ;)

>Imagine that I'm dealing with javamail (javax.mail.*) or any other new
>distribution of stuff in the javax.* hierarchy (javax.ejb is another
>example) (sun's tending to do this more than com.sun.* these days). If I
>put it into my CLASSPATH because an ant task relies on it (such as a
><javamail> task), then I can't override it for another task which uses a
>different version.

In ant2 we hope to solve this via .tsk loading. One of proposals (myrmidon)
already solved it - the base classpath had only 1 class in it (outside core
and ext dirs) and all the rest were constructed out of this.

>The current status quo forces you to have exactly one version of anything
>in javax in the system ENTIRE JVM if it's available via the system
>classloader. Thus while JAXP itself can be seen as a symptom here, it's
>definitely not the only one (such as javamail, javax.naming (new version
>versus old version), j2ee).

Brace yourself - it is going to get worse. JDK1.4 is going to include
everything in it - including the kitchen sink ... in which case you will
have ZERO choice in what to use ;(



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