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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re:logging (was Re: [ANN] Coll...)
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2001 14:06:25 GMT
At 08:45  25/3/01 -0500, marvin greenberg wrote:
>> Alternatively you could always try LogKit from Avalon which is better
>> designed and faster than either API ;)
>I  don't exactly know how you can conclude that some other thing is

err - profile it? time it? etc. Other times it is not even necessary as a
quick visual check will make it obvious which is trick and which is not.

>Let's not start a long thread on this (which means let's let me have
>the last word ;-) ), but my basic point is that the smaller the code
>base required for Ant, the better.  

Not neccessarily. "Vendor/API lock" is only useful when it provides the
functionality you need in a way you can use it. (And it is well designed
etc). If you have looked at the JSR Logging API there is many areas that
are not very well though out or are optimized for a particular use case (ie
it works well if you want to log data from your enterprise servers).

Besides ants code base will be small regardless of the particular API bound
to as they all live outside ant ;)



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