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From Bevan Arps <> (by way of Peter Donald <>)
Subject Suggestions for ANT 1.4
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2001 01:38:55 GMT

Greetings from Sunny New Zealand.

I'm using Ant for automating our production build process - many
applications (both Delphi and Java) controlled by 1 build file and
everything works a treat.

Some suggestions that would be very useful (to me, anyway!):

1. Add if="" and unless="" to AntCall

At the moment I have a number of intermediate targets that serve only to
broker the interaction between other targets eg:

<target name="alpha">
  <antcall target"beta"/>

<target name="beta" if="greek.flag">
  <antcall target="gamma"/>

<target name="gamma"/>

It would simplify life if I could write this instead:

<target name="alpha">
  <antcall target"gamma" if="greek.flag"/>

<target name="gamma"/>

2. Add Property="" to JavaC, Java, Exec and ExecOn

These all already have FailOnError which is useful for automating a
single build, but not when trying to build 100 applications in one go
(which is my situation).

My thought is to mimic the behaviour of property="" on available
(property is set if things are available) and uptodate (property is set
if things are uptodate) and have the property set if the task worked.

Combining these two would make it possible to write things like this:

<target name="compile.delphi.application">
  <exec executable="delphi compiler" 
  <antcall target="" if="delphi.compile.ok"/>
  <antcall target="" unless="delphi.compile.ok"/>

I know Delphi inside out, I'm still a newbie at Java, but are willing to
have a go - so if someone can point me in the right direction I can try
writing these myself (provided they meet with approval). 

Hope this makes sense,
Keep Smiling,

Bevan Arps, OO Analyst                    email:
ACT Financial Systems     "Programming is an Art Form that Fights Back"
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Pacific)  and is intended for  use only by the  addressee.   The  views
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