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From Eric Siegerman <>
Subject Re: [REVIEW/SUBMIT] Pattern-matching optimization
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 22:14:03 GMT
On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 01:41:56PM -0800, David Rees wrote:
> I would have concerns about moving the match code

I left behind stub versions of the DirectoryScanner.matchPath and
.matchPatternStart static methods, that delegate to the versions
in Pattern.  I didn't leave behind a stub match() because that's
not called from anyplace, and probably shouldn't be.

> and especially about
> changing includes/excludes in DirectoryScanner.

I didn't move this stuff -- fields or methods.  There are a few
minor changes like:
	-    protected String[] includes;
	+    protected Pattern[] includes;
which requires:
	-            this.includes = new String[includes.length];
	+            this.includes = new Pattern[includes.length];
	-                this.includes[i] = pattern;
	+                this.includes[i] = new Pattern(pattern);

but the inclusion/exclusion *logic* is completely unchanged; I
only moved the stuff that, independent of any context, answers
the question, "does filename F match pattern P?"

> A lot of various
> things in Ant reference it (as I discovered when I tried to move it
> ;).

FWIW, in order to make ant compile with my changes, the only
other file that needed to be touched was types/,
and that was again just trivial initialization stuff like the
above (making it call "super.setIncludes()" instead of poking the
"includes" field itself).

> Couldn't you just apply your patch to the existing methods?

No.  Or at least, not at all cleanly!  Without the refactoring,
there's no place to store isSimpleFilename -- without some gory
hack like keeping arrays of booleans parallel to "includes" and
"excludes", which I agree with you would be very dangerous.

> As a side note, I think a major performance improvement would come
> from caching the pattern arrays. Right now DS parses the pattern
> strings every time a match call is made.

Quite possibly.  This would also be much easier/cleaner/safer to
do in a factored-out Pattern class than in code that's jumbled in
with DirectoryScanner...


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