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From John Wegis <>
Subject Re: Support for Source Offsite
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 23:17:23 GMT
> Hello John,
> I would be interested, as we plan to roll out S.OffSite at 
> our company alongside the VSS clients, so I would have to 
> do all that by myself :-)
> So submit it please.
> Maybe there should be a repository for tasks that you guys 
> don't find interesting enough to put in CVS, but someone 
> else might does?
> Like my vsshistory/diff task ;-)
> Balazs Fejes

Hi Balazs,

It would be nice if it were included in CVS as part of the
optional taskdef package.  Though I'm not clear what the
process is to submit new code to the ant cvs.

I thought that additions had to be voted on. I don't know.
I could be wrong...


John Wegis
Nitty Gritty Software

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