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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject what I would like to see in ant.20
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 19:37:44 GMT
I'm going to state my requirements based on current needs.


-I want to be able to use some of the foundational bits of ant in my own
code without having to jump through too many hoops. For example I am
spawning exes servlet side right now, re-using the exec watchdog, but I left
the rest of exec out as it seemed to have too many assumptions about its
execution context

=> Base services should be defined: execution, spawning with new classpaths,
touch, (others?), and implemented with no assumptions about running inside
an ant project

This ties in to past discussions about decoupling the logging calls and
Class.forName() from tasks/projects, perhaps with a TaskExecutionHelper
class which hides things.

- I want to be able to use higher level tasks from within my own app, by
actually creating the XML and just handing it off. This isnt for user
viewing at all, just that ant xml makes a reasonable declaration of some
delegated code, and doing it that way decouples me from implementation

=> Entry points which are fully self contained and designed for invocation
by other programs.

- A repository of IDE integration code: emacs, jedit, everything else. This
can be a list of links.

Task extras

- I need socksified FTP, telnet and even SCP/SSH tasks so I can deploy
properly. Right now I am doing this via a unix box controlled by the telnet
task. ugly.

- A 'reachable' task that checks to see a site is reachable (via GET) and
sets a property if it is. Then I can have

<reachable name="reachable.server4" url="">

<target "deploy-to-unreliable-server" if="reachable.server4" >
  <scp ... />
  <ssh ... />

(this isnt hard, just a variant of get. I'd do it if I had some free time)

- More example base tasks with documentation. Really we should define the
recommended core foundation tasks which people should derive of (with some
guarantee of future stability). Subclassing off other tasks should be
discouraged on the grounds of stability.

Site extras

- antidote to be able to do update checks and gets of the core libraries,
like jedit

- A repository of obscure posted tasks other than the mail list. And I want
the contributors to maintain them! And want to be able to submit changes
too. This goes for tasks under GPL.

-tutorials and simple ant files for beginners. 'the 10 line build file to
compile your java app'; the 15 line file to build and jar it, etc.

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