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From "marvin greenberg" <>
Subject Re:logging (was Re: [ANN] Coll...)
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2001 13:45:17 GMT
> Alternatively you could always try LogKit from Avalon which is better
> designed and faster than either API ;)
I  don't exactly know how you can conclude that some other thing is
faster, and speed is usually not an issue with logging as long as the
logger does not alter the behavior of the code (by artifically 
synchronizing threads which would otherwise not be synchronized,
for example).  Especially for a build tool.

Let's not start a long thread on this (which means let's let me have
the last word ;-) ), but my basic point is that the smaller the code
base required for Ant, the better.  If the language provides a
capability that is "just OK", then in general it is better than some
other facility, because many more people (all jdk1.4 users) will be
interested in improving it.

And in any case Ant's use of any logging facility should be
sufficiently abstract that it is not horribly coupled to one.


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