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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject RE: Another feature request??
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2001 02:17:44 GMT
> From: Peter Donald []

> I believe that ant should default to a particular target (be it
> main/start/begin/entry/whatever) much like http urls default
> to port 80. If
> you  want a different target then you should specify it on
> the command line
> (like you specify port 553 in url).

Why not "comence" or "comienzo" or "primo" why should it be in english?

If you were proposing that the "default" attrribute should be optional and
in that case consider to be "main/start/whatever" then I would see no
problem, but saying that everyone around the world has to have a target
called "main/...", that I do not think is reasonable.

> >to say that removing default will make things significantly
> easier makes no
> >sense to me.
> Not removing default - making the name of the default target standard.
> Cheers,

Removing the "default" attribute. What is so dificult about it. It is in the
first lines of the project file. Why do you think knowing the default target
in "main" as oppose to reading right there that the default target is
"myMain" why would that make anything clearer for any one?

The only way to know what the thing will do when you call ant, it to go read
the entire file, default or no default.

Jose Alberto

> Pete
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