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From "Rosen, Alex" <>
Subject RE: Ant 2.0 proposed requirements
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2001 20:01:25 GMT

> > (2) Key methods which provide base services should be publicly
> > accessible.
> Do you think
> >> * provide utility classes to aid in building tasks.
> covers this?


Regarding numbers 4 and 5: I'm making a lot of this up on the fly, but I'm
trying to request that Ant be able to support the kinds of scripting that
people seem to want to do. The <script> example in the Ant doc shows writing
JavaScript code to perform a task, but what I think you'd really like is to be
able to include the normal XML of a task inside the script. So the example in
the doc would be (very roughly) something like:

<for "i=1; i<=10; i++">
	<echo message="i * i">

or perhaps

<for var="i" start="1" end="10">
	<echo message="${i} * ${i}">

So what this needs above the current <script> task is the ability to have
embedded tasks as XML elements, and what this needs above the "simple flow
control" is variables and expression evalutation.

Take this with a grain of salt, as I'm not very experienced with scripting


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