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From "Vincent Massol" <>
Subject Problem with latest CVS Ant and Zips
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 11:55:48 GMT

I am using the war task, which itself uses the zip task to generate a war
file that is automatically unpackaged when copied to the correct location of
Orion Application Server.

The problem: using the CVS version of Ant, Orion (version 1.4.7) fails to
unpack the created war file. It just does nothing and then at some time
there is a StackOverflowError

Informations :
1/ If I create this zip file manually, it works fine and Orion is able to
unpack it
2/ If I revert to version 1.3 of Ant, it works fine (i.e. using the war


Has something happened to either the war or zip tasks (or to a helper class)
? If so, is that change correct and supposed to last (in which case, I have
a trouble ... I'll have to convince Orion to modify their unpacker ... might
not be that easy ...).

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot.

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