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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject RE: [ANN] Collecting requirements for Ant2
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2001 14:15:28 GMT
> From: Chris Todd []
> OK, here's my wishlist for Ant 2 (or at least a list of
> things I would like
> to see discussed):
> 2)  Make it easier to run ant.  The batch/shell
> scripts...let's either ditch
> them (if possible), and perhaps make an executable jar file,
> or try to make
> them absolutely fool-proof.  Granted, I'm not sure how to
> access environment
> variables with an executable jar file (property files
> perhaps?), but with
> this many clever people around, I'm sure we could figure
> something out.
> There might not be any way around the scripts, but I would at
> least like to
> explore the possibility.

Environment variables are not a problem. The execute task already knows
how to get to the environment and extract its content, without using
deprecated APIs.

The problem to me is more with managing the classpath. Unless we manage
somehow for ANT to use its own classloader for all its own code. People will
need to fuss with the classpath.

> 4)  A central repository for contributions (user-created tasks, helper
> scripts, IDE integration stuff, etc.).  I realize this has
> been discussed
> before, but I wanted to make sure it gets attention.  There
> have been many
> tasks and other contributions that have been sent to ant-dev,
> and the only
> place they are available is via the mailing list archive.
> What are the odds
> that an Ant newbie who uses Emacs/JDE is actually going to find the
> jde-ant.el post from a couple of months back?  Slim, I wager.
>  Instead,
> there should be one central place that everyone can go and
> find all sorts of
> Ant goodies and extras, regardless of who submitted them or
> whether the Ant
> developers approve of them (ala the 'ant as a scripting
> language' debate
> some time back).  This probably can/should be tied in with
> the plugin idea
> above (and/or CJAN).

I think this is the more important thing we can do for ANT. The list should
remove itself from the bussiness of judging and debating whether a task is
worth having or not. There should be a repository where anyone and everyone
can submit their "work of art" tasks.

The only debate on the list should be whether a contribution is good enough
and powerful enough as to make it into the official core jars or about
changes to the core architecture.

> P.S.  I realize this is pretty trivial, but a nice logo/icon
> would be cool.
> I'm no good with graphics, but I thought perhaps an Ant with
> a construction
> helmet building a brick wall?  I know, I'm a geek...but it
> could be cute!

There was the ANT gif that someone had in its webpage, I forget whom.
Maybe we can ask for a contribution.

Jose Alberto

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