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Subject AW: New manual organization - printing is sometimes useful
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 15:05:28 GMT
Actually, I hate to admit it, but I plan to print out one copy
(double-sided!) of the Ant manual myself when 1.3 ships.  There are times
when it's easier to read or look up things in a plain old book (when you're
away from your computer without a laptop; when you already have too many
windows open), and some people just have a hard time reading online doc due
to vision or accessibility problems.

So of course, I'd love it if the Ant team could whip up prettily-printable
HTML versions of the whole manual, as well as a nifty PDF option, and even
include a copier card attached in the announcement email when they release
the final build.  But given the huge effort they've already gone through to
produce such an awesome product, I'm happy with what we have now.  8-)

- Shane
---- you "Christoph Wilhelms" <> wrote ----
> Who wants to print an 100+ pages document? It is more useful to print
> task-docs, guides and how-to's, IMHO. If we want a really printable
> we should provide a set of .pdf-files! No need at the moment, or what do
> think?

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